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For over fifteen years, I've been on a mission to help people quiet the voice in their heads that says, "It's too late for me to be the person I used to dream of being."

Using the same tools and fun approach I developed coaching singers to go after the lives they want, I help others build confidence and self-belief by unearthing a forgotten piece of themselves, polishing that person off, and giving him/her a prominent role in their current lives.

Realigning with themselves in this way creates a sense of pride, adventure, fulfillment, and the feeling that they're living a life that matters, all of which leads to greater happiness and improved wellbeing. And the process is fun!

Sarah Stout


Judy has helped me see my worth in my personal and professional life. Over the last few months I have been more brave than ever.

Susan Walthour

Administrative professional

Judy is professional, practical, and funny as heck. She truly enjoys seeing her students grow!

What's behind the Voice Your Potential confidence workshop for women?

Building genuine confidence and self-belief by realigning with your truest self is the most important foundational skill upon which all other needs and dreams can be sustainably built. This includes:

  • Better relationships
  • Improved sense of ease and "enough-ness"
  • Greater personal, creative, and professional success
  • More consistent self-care, health, and wellness choices
  • Making life fun and adventurous!

This 2-hour workshop makes it fun and easy to get past your self-imposed obstacles and start looking differently at everything on that list. And you'll walk away with a lifelong, powerful tool for never going astray of what your heart wants, deserves, and is capable of having.

Voice Your Potential to build confidence and self-esteem

Want a Voice Your Potential workshop at your next group meeting or event?

Whether as speaker, podcast guest, or workshop leader, I'll do my best to make your audience laugh all the way to self-belief and purpose. Reach out with your questions today!

Michelle Pulver

Singer/Cake Decorator

I HIGHLY recommend Judy Fine if you're looking for a gentle approach to building your confidence for standing strong in life.

Judy Blake


Through Judy's kindness, skill, and encouragement, you gain self confidence that helps in every area of life! 

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