Voice Your Potential

Online Singing Lessons

One-on-one weekly singing lessons for adults and teens.

Build confidence in your singing.

Build confidence in your performing.

Build confidence in your dreams.

About My Approach

I had a wonderful vocal coach when I was young who taught me solid technique. Yet, I needed more. 

I struggled with performance anxiety and a general disbelief that I had something unique and valuable to share with the world. This carried over into other areas of my life and hindered my overall success and happiness. 

That’s why my goal today is to teach every student to realize their full potential, love the sound of their voice, and learn to share it unabashedly. And that's my promise to you!

Are you ready?

James Moravek

I have extended both my lower and upper ranges with power.

Anne T

I've studied voice for years, but get the most out of my time with Judy.

Mary Walker

What a great teacher. She takes the time needed in each lesson with great patience :)

Singing Lessons for Adults:

Remember, if you're not sure which Voice Your Potential approach is right for you, schedule a discovery call for guidance and feedback from me.

Lesson packages are non-refundable and time-constrained in the following ways:

  • Five-lesson packages must be used within six weeks.
  • Twelve-lesson packages must be used within fourteen weeks.

The Different Ways You Can Voice Your Potential.

It's never too late to become the person you've always wanted to be. Your potential lives inside you waiting to be voiced. Let's do this!